Located in Stewartville, MN


Raising, Showing and Milking Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats since 2009!

Welcome to Tomboy Acres! My name is Abigayle, my family and I have been raising goats since 2009. Currently we raise, show and milk registered Nigerian Dwarf goats. We attend multiple shows throughout the midwest (primarily MN, IA and WI), participate in linear appraisal (2016 will be our first year) and plan to milk test in the future.

Linear Appraisal Results!

I’m very excited to announce that all the appraisal scores were in the 80’s. Except Dorable… Who received a score of 90! I have learned a ton about dairy goat confirmation and I hope to continue appraisal in the future. Linear Appraisal results below:

Dorable: EEEV 90 ~ 3F

Wimberly: VVV+ 85 ~ 2F

Rosemary: VV++ 85 ~ 1F

Asha: +VA+ 83 ~ 1F


Able Valley Farm CG Dorable (EEEV 90)

As of 06/10/16, All Adult Herd Members Tested *Negative* For CAE, CL and Johne’s

Copies of results available upon request!

More Information About Tomboy Acres

Goal: to raise hardy, friendly goats that excel in the show ring and the milk pail.

Why Nigerians? We chose Nigerian Dwarfs because of their small, easy to handle size, friendly temperament and obviously their cuteness!

How did I get started? Like many goat owners I jumped right in at an early age. My very first experience with goats was with a Nubian named Lulu. Lulu was a bottle baby we were leasing from a breeder down the road. She was a pretty little, floppy eared, doe with a big heart, loving attitude and booming voice! Lulu was the only doe we leased so she sat in the barn all by her lonesome… Man, could that goat cry… She sounded horrible! Every time we would leave, we being my three brothers and I, she would emit an agonizing cry that sounded like she was dying! Naturally, my brothers and I decided to do what any considerate person would do and sleep in the barn. I’m not quite sure how we convinced our parents to let us do it but we did. The plan was foolproof (and unfortunately not goat proof) until about three hours in when we realized that Lulu was not going to stop incessantly nibbling on our faces and toes… Ever. So inside we trudged, guilt plucking our heart strings as the agonizing cry of a “dying” goat rung in our ears.  The next morning I remember waking up energized and refreshed. Upon recalling that Lulu was by herself, I quickly bounded downstairs to go visit her in the barn. Much to my surprise, when I got downstairs my brother was already up watching Scooby Doo. Who was plopped down next to him on the couch? None other than Lulu herself! This brought me great joy and I unquestioningly joined them on the couch. My other two brothers soon followed, joining the couch party. Finally, my parents walked downstairs to find Josh, Abigayle, Lulu, David and Matthew all lined up on the couch watching Scooby Doo! And that my friends, is how I got into goats!


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This website is a work in progress – more info coming soon!




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